Project Management

Project Management is the planning, organisation and direction of resources, in order to deliver and achieve specific objectives within a unique environment – Your Home!

With over 30 years renowned experience in the building industry, including that of surveying and engineering disciplines, our clients can be assured of effective management throughout the “project life cycle”, from inception to completion, where a coherent and holistic approach is applied, this ensuring effective control of your budget, valuable time and the essential quality standards demanded by our practice.

Many home owners prefer to retain overall control of their new build or extension/refurbishment schemes, however with the complexity and sophistication of current building methods, few have knowledge or capability to commit to the management time and resources necessary for the successful day-to-day supervision of a building project, which may be one of your biggest investments!

Our single aim is to deliver your home to the highest standards, on time and within budget!

It is reasonable to assume that the objective of your building project is to create the best possible facility for a given level of expenditure. If this is the case, then the objective to establish an effective strategy is of paramount importance, as the role of the Project Manager is to be alive to the dichotomies that exist and the pitfalls an unsuspecting Home Owner can face and achieve the optimum procurement route for your home.

The dynamics of respective roles by principal players, can often run counter to the overall project objectives, thus causing delay, additional cost, dispute and potentially costly litigation.