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    Stan Miller is a Super Star !

    What he doesn’t know about new / old / Historic Buildings / Renovation isn’t worth knowing and his little “black book” of useful contacts has done us proud.

    We set out to buy an 1880's House expecting to move straight in and tweak a few things. However, Stan Miller’s experienced eye during our purchase picked up a whole host of problems that our initial Surveyor had completely missed and thus enabled us to purchase at the ‘Right’ price before beginning a 6 month Renovation Plan….

    I cannot emphasise adequately that he simply saved us a small fortune before we purchased our new-home and continued to do so throughout the Building Works !

    He Project Managed the whole thing from “Start to Finish”, handling the various issues that cropped up along the way and dealing with all the Building and Specialist Contractors. As a result, we are now living in a unique / fabulous family home.

    There is no way we could have achieved this with our sanity intact without Miller.

    He’s a very talented man, a true gent and with a fabulous sense of humour.

    We simply recommend him highly enough."

  • Testimonial 27:

    "One of the most difficult, annoying, frustrating, expensive and down right inconvenient things to do is to embark on a major rebuild. To do it without a professional Project Manager is simply insane.

    stan miller’s professionalism is without question. From his first “I’m not going to help you build a house, I’m going to help you build a home” to his obvious delight in the end result, Miller took over the stress and worry for us.

    His extraordinary knowledge and experience avoided many potential construction problems, and the problems that did occur were solved quickly and efficiently. miller was meticulous in seeking out our opinions, keeping us central to the decision making and informed about progress, yet took away the anxiety of management. Miller worked with us, not for us. His helpful input to design and practicality means that we have a home that suits our lifestyle, and is stamped with our personality.

    millers’s unfailing good humour and well-justified confidence kept us buoyant during the inevitable dark moments. He responded to all our queries, however naïve, with respect and consideration.

    Without Miller, our build would have been much more expensive, taken much longer and we would have been disappointed with the result. With him, we have what we set out for, and more

    And we have a new friend."

    Mr. House

  • Testimonial 28

    "When you plan to carry out any building works to your home you need – good reliable tradesmen who can work to your budget. Great if you have had many years in the building trades and know such people, if not – employ Building Surveyor Stan Miller of SLM Homes.

    Miller brings a lifetime of experience at an extremely modest cost, treating the project as if it were his own home. His attention to detail, and liaison with contractors far exceeded our expectations making our build a painless experience.

    He comes highly recommended and I would endorse the comments made in other testimonials."

    Mr. House 1

  • Testimonial 29

    Our New Bespoke New-Build Home on SLM Homes

    "If you're looking for somebody to take the stress out of building a home, then Stan Miller from SLM Homes is your man.

    His expertise and experience have been invaluable to us, ensuring that we had a good quality build and a home that met all our requirements. His detailed records and a firm, but fair, approach to the Builder contributed greatly to delivering the Project on time and within our budget.

    There were numerous occasions when he provided suggestions and advice about how to do things or solve problems and we have saved the equivalent of his fee many times over.

    His number one priority has always been to give us the long term home we hoped for and, in order to achieve this, he gave freely of his time… We hate to think how much this would have been if he charged by the hour !

    At all times we knew that miller was looking after our interests and we certainly fell on our feet the day we rang him to enquire about his availability !"

    Mr. House 2

  • Testimonial 30

    "We wanted to thank you (SLM Homes) for all the hard work you put in to get us to the point where our extended home is nearing fruition. Having no previous experience with building anything, we were faced with a daunting task of tendering for a substantial amount of work. Thanks to you and your timely advice, this process went off smoothly. The level of detail required during the Tendering Process and the subsequent Contract of Agreement was quite staggering and something we would not have anticipated.

    Certainly, now that all the ’t’s are crossed and ‘i’s dotted, we are confident of completing our Project within the agreed budget and indeed on time !"

    Mr. House 3

    SLM Homes

  • Testimonial 31:

    "This is now the 4th Building Project we have undertaken on our home and whilst many people would think one project is quite sufficient - with all the stress and chaos such Projects entail- we have done so with confidence knowing that Stan Miller was in charge.

    In an earlier testimonial – following our first project – I wrote of Stan Miller vast experience and knowledge. It was certainly needed in our most recent project - to make adaptations to the house and grounds to facilitate my husband’s deteriorating mobility. miller was extremely considerate and sensitive to Ken’s needs, and was able to make many positive suggestions and subsequent modifications which have, without doubt, improved Ken’s quality of life. His relationship with the various tradesmen working on the site was excellent.

    He painstakingly inspected, checked and double checked to make sure all works were carried out in accordance with his specifications.

    He comes highly recommended and, yet again, I would endorse the comments made in other testimonials."

    Mr. House 4

  • Testimonial 32:

    "Having worked with Stan Miller before it was an easy decision to work with him again. As before he helped us from developing plans all the way through to completion and beyond. His enthusiasm, experience and professionalism, not to mention patience, shone through. Site visits were frequent, often several times a day, and he spent endless hours guiding and advising us on a variety of issues which helped ensure we got the finish we wanted at a price we could afford. If we needed him he was only ever a call away and always responded promptly. Everything was fully documented. This was reassuring for us and kept relations with the builders positive throughout.

    The work was completed to a very high standard and very close to budget despite us opting for several extra pieces of work.

    Miller undoubtably saved us more than his fee !

    We are thrilled with the results and recommend Miller without hesitation."

    Mr. House 5

    SLM Homes